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Dominik Neidhart - with Team Alinghi to win the America's Cup.

The America`s Cup sailing regatta is not only the oldest sports trophy, it is also considered one of the most demanding sporting challenges. Teams in this competition have to overcome similar difficulties as companies in the business world. An unclear set of rules, advantages for the title holder, different venues, changing winds and bottomless seas, ever-changing competition rules and new challengers make each successful participation highly demanding. Add to this an incredible evolution of technology. The current racing yachts fly over the water at almost 100 km/h.

Achieving what is actually an impossible result with passion. Dominik Neidhart’s lectures and workshops are also full of passion, emotion & result driven.

Neidhart One - Cooperation Wins the Race.

The participating teams must develop and manufacture their own high-tech racing yachts, i.e. the products with which they want to compete, and perfect them during the preparation and training phase, which lasts several years. The teams must have highly competent sailing crews that continuously improve their skills. They are supported by a multinational shore team of several hundred people: Scientists, engineers, boat builders, sail designers, weather specialists, among others.

In 155 years of its history, this competition has never been won by teams with the biggest budget, the most advanced infrastructure or the most extensive crew.

It is always the cooperation of one’s own team that must / does make the difference over success or failure.

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